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Linden Medical Center Kraków

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Linden Medical Center Kraków

Current clinical trials

CM Linden is not only a modern diagnostic and therapeutic facility offering patients comprehensive care in several fields of medicine, but also a clinical research center co-created by researchers, coordinators and nurses with many years of experience in conducting numerous projects.

The most qualified principal investigators have been conducting trials for over 15 years, while coordinators and nurses present extensive experience supported by active participation in over 100 studies. The whole team has up-to-date training in good clinical practice – GCP, IATA training and fluency in using programs for entering clinical data.

We are prepared to conduct phase I to IV studies. Working with other facilities, we provide access to numerous diagnostic methods (X-ray, MRI, CT, PET, USG, ECHO, etc.), as well as monitored hospital beds and doctors of most specialties.

Current clinical trials

Post-stroke or traumatic spasticity in the upper limb

(botulinum toxin test)


I have had a stroke or brain injury and have an adducted (spastic) upper limb

Post-stroke or traumatic spasticity in the lower limb

(botulinum toxin test)


I have had a stroke or brain injury and have difficulty walking (spasticity)

Overactive bladder with benign prostatic hyperplasia


I have to get up often at night because of the sudden pressure on my bladder

Non-alcoholic fatty liver


I was diagnosed with fatty liver on ultrasound examination, I am afraid that the disease is progressing

Heart failure


in the last year, i was in the hospital for heart disease and now i feel tired even with little exertion

Urinary tract infection


I am female and I have typical urinary tract infection symptoms

Polystic ovary syndrome


I have PCOS and my big problem is hirsutism.

Pain at the site of the postoperative scar


It's been several months since the operation, and I still feel a burning pain at the site of the scar
clinical tests

Multidisciplinary research team

Linden Medical Center was established to provide patients with multi-specialist medical care and high-quality diagnostics and treatment. We offer access to doctors of many specialties:

The clinical practice of our doctors allows them to have a holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of patients. High-quality diagnostic equipment makes it easier to make an accurate diagnosis and enables treatment to the highest standards.

The effect of our many years of experience and knowledge of the requirements of clinical trials allows us to guarantee that cooperation with us will bring additional benefits:

  • efficient process – from contact – to the initiation of the center
  • quick and centralized contracting
  • clinical trial process management, work standards (SOP)
  • an experienced research team
  • regular internal training and quality audits
  • a multi-level patient recruitment system
Colorful liquids in test tubes
Linden Medical Center Kraków


Linden Medical Center has 3 well-equipped doctor’s offices and one treatment room. Coordinators’ work room, place for storing medical records and tested products. When carrying out research, we also cooperate with a private hospital located in Krakow, thanks to which we can undertake research from the first phase. We also conduct tests that require procedures under local anesthesia or short-term sedation.

Linden Medical Center Kraków

We have our own diagnostic and laboratory equipment adapted to the needs of clinical trials:

  • ECG device – with data transmission option
  • fridge 2-8 degrees C equipped with a min-max thermometer
  • freezer <-20 C degrees equipped with a min-max thermometer
  • laboratory centrifuge with cooling
  • medical scale with height meter
  • RR measuring instruments
  • ultrasound
  • ECHO
  • resuscitation equipment

The medical equipment has technical passports and has been selected so as to ensure the highest diagnostic quality and the ability to send data using numerous communication routes. Thanks to this, we do not require equipment from the sponsor, thus reducing the costs of running the center.

Our facility is monitored round the clock and has access to a dedicated archive adapted to the needs of long-term documentation archiving.

We have procedures to protect the loss of medical data and systems to protect against unauthorized access.

Med School Laboratory
Contact for CRO and pharmaceutical companies interested in conducting clinical trials at CM Linden:
e-mail: Liliana.lason@cmlinden.com
tel.: +48 696025544

Discover our possibilities

We already know that we need clinical trials very much, without them and without your help, there will be no progress in developing new treatments. There are more and more challenges, the more so as the number of diseases is not decreasing. Unfortunately, the general public about research is still unfavorable. Hundreds of thousands of tests are carried out in the world every day, with the participation of a very large number of patients. Patients participating in these trials are aware of their rights and know that clinical trials are conducted according to strictly defined rules and strict requirements.


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